An inspiring vision of my job

An inspiring vision of my job
Photo by Alex Ware / Unsplash

There are a few people in the Agile world that inspire for different reasons. Personally, I prefer those who stand out for being different; risky, a little complacent, with a deep vision … I hope in the future to be able to comment on some of these references (although some of them are noticed, I think) and maybe be able to bring them through the blog for some collaboration.

By now I´d like to link a video by Gunther Verheyen.

Gunther is one of those people with a vision about the depth of Scrum and how it can help organisations that make me think a lot. I wish he had more recordings on YouTube because they are authentic pearls of wisdom and a source of reflection.

I am leaving this video here where he speaks about the important paper that the Scrum Master plays in the organisation and clarifies the typical misunderstandings regarding the role. It helps understanding which is the real responsibility of the Scrum Master and he makes that from a very peaceful and informative approach that I really enjoy. Especially because Gunther puts a lot of effort into humanising, which I think is many times what is lacking in many teams and organisations.

Gunther is also the author of “Scrum - A pocket guide”. A very useful pocket guide for all of us that work as Scrum Masters.