Are we already agile?

Are we already agile?
Photo by Camylla Battani / Unsplash

It is an expression that I use myself but I believe that “agile transformation” is not the best way to call it.

Maybe when this process starts in a company that is the maximum expression of cascading processes it seems more obvious to see what we are transformed worse in any case … but then what? When does the transformation end?

That’s why “transformation”, although I use it roo, is a term that I think gives the feeling that there is a time when it is complete and ready: we are agile.

I am more in favor of setting goals to the milestones that are to be achieved and planning stages to achieve them. Apply for that process the same model that we use in our own agile methodologies.

It is about continuous adaptation processes. Agility should be a way of doing things, a style of work and not a state to pursue. We will always have to be vigilant in the improvement, the danger of not falling into bureaucracies or hierarchies that rob us organizational capacity, productivity or reaction instinct … We must work on being always agile, on think from the agility.

Agility should not be a goal, but a component or our DNA.