Business is everyone

Business is everyone
Photo by Katie Moum / Unsplash

I have a kind of mantra that repeats a lot when it appears in a conversation, a dichotomy between business and development that says: business is everyone.

It is understood the need to use terminology to differentiate between technical departments and those more specialized in plans and business strategies, but it is a line that you can try to help blur a bit whenever you have an opportunity to make someone observe your guidance.

It is not about confusing responsibilities, but yes, I think that, often, with some approaches, a review of the orientation of some people in teams, can make a substantial change in the day, the work and the final result of the teams who work with Scrum.

My approach is that, especially in a product company, we are all business people, just with the peculiarity that we have different skills. If this is not taken into account, there is a risk of losing sight of the final reason why we program, design, or even why we want to use agile methodologies.

Usually, and I heard that from other Scrum Masters too, that many times those who are developing the product, designing the flows and so on, know more in many aspects than those we call “business people”. All layers of the business should also review from time to time how much importance they are giving to that knowledge that comes from the bottom up. No company that wants to work in an agile way should miss the opportunity to get all their work teams to have a high business orientation.

Of course, everyone enjoys their part of the process of conception, production and sale of the product that dominates and motivates them, but in the end, we are all doing it with a common goal. What we do on a day-to-day basis is a means, not an end.