The complex of being from here

The complex of being from here
Photo by @felipepelaquim / Unsplash

I do not know if it happens to you what I call “the complex of being from here” but I’ll try to explain it a bit. Maybe we should look at it every now and then.

We tend to have a complex and think that “probably doesn’t happen in bigger companies”, “surely in [put here a large company] this is better resolved” or we are fully convinced that other professionals are better than us, they go through less difficulties or simply we think that everyone knows more than we do.

It happens to us with many things, it is not just work related and I am not talking about impostor syndrome here<. “This does not happen in Norway”, “I’m sure other teams do it better” … I guess it’s part of nonconformity or maybe of human nature, but it seems that we tend to believe that outsiders (of the country, of the company , of the group …) have more experience, better solutions and more knowledge.

My experience, after going through two industries such as audiovisual and software, is that it is not like that. I do not know if it is something that is very typical in Spain, but it is not like that.

We belittle our own professional achievements, as a group, as a society and we idealize the success of others. Probably because from the others, we get only their successes but not their struggles and rarely their setbacks.

We feel our doubts and insecurities and as we are seeing the construction of the day to day of our progress, we find it not remarkable because of a lack of epic. But the truth is that, to a greater or lesser extent, most of us pass in similar positions through similar processes and challenges. It is even possible that we explain our solutions with those external references, they would empathize with us and even learn something from them.

When you share your learning or experiences with the community and not only about the good parts also about the doubts and complications, you get a lot in return and you learn to see how we are all in a similar boat. I do not know if this will eliminate the sensation, but it is a good the exercise of reality analysis from time to time.