Don't underestimate a human interaction

Don't underestimate a human interaction
Photo by Redd / Unsplash

What you say to a team, a group or any human individual is not the only important thing.

Content, timing, context, channel … and many other factors are equally important.

The words we use, what the other person understands as more or less violent, the culture of all the individuals …

There are many factors that we usually underestimate when we initiate any conversation, no matter if it is written or spoken, that we can screw it up when we are less expecting it. Nobody can be 100% sure that she is not going to blunder even when is trying to help or do something good.

Communication is something that you train, not just learn but train. Every time it happens that you don’t get to give the message you were expecting, take the time when you can to reflect on it and what was it that you did underestimate if something.

By doing this, don´t prevent yourself from raising your voice, but actually use that to train. Don’t be afraid. Communication, as human interaction, will always be imperfect, and because of that and because we understand how important it is, we can train to become better and better.

And part of it is also to understand that when there is a misunderstanding it doesn´t always depend just on the sender. No matter if the sender is you or another person.