After the Chat: Why It Makes Total Sense That OpenAI Made a GPT-4 Presentation Focusing on Developers

Open AI has made a smart move to make GPT-4 invisible to users. Here's why.

After the Chat: Why It Makes Total Sense That OpenAI Made a GPT-4 Presentation Focusing on Developers
Photo by Levart_Photographer / Unsplash

Yesterday, OpenAI made a live broadcast showing some possibilities of GPT-4  purely focused on offering it to developers, and that was an intelligent strategy.

The concept is familiar: Successful technology becomes invisible, they say. Not literally invisible, but in the same way, we use smartphones now without even thinking about it. The Smartphones explosion did not come from making calls or checking the time.

When we started using apps for everything, the smartphone became invisible.

In the case of GPT-4, the same will happen.

The actual adoption of this language model will come from something other than me or you having conversations with the Chat GPT implementation. Chat GPT is impressive, but it will not be the thing that can revolutionize the world as alien and dystopian as it looks now. What will make the thing successful, it's when we will be using GPT-4 apps and services all over the place.

Once most of your apps are doing incredible things under the hood thanks to ChatGPT, then it will become invisible.

We are already using a lot of machine learning, although it is in a very early stage.

I am writing this in Google Docs, and there is a field in the sidebar that can provide me with an accurate summary of the whole page. I also use Grammarly, which can analyze my text and suggest impressive suggestions for grammar, writing voice, synonyms, and more. Finally, "Reader" from Readwise, which has a feature called Ghost Reader, can generate questions and answers based on your text highlights.

Language models and machine learning are already in our daily lives.

By addressing developers, OpenAI made a genius move.

Opening the door to software creators and asking for support and feedback, they create the environment for GPT-4 to spread everywhere. The developers will be the ones who can implement it in new ways and push the limits of the technology. Chat GPT is impressive, but the next step is using the model in more specific and specialized forms.

On the day soon, we will use GPT-4 in our smartphones daily without knowing it, meaning it has become invisible.