Recruiter: you will get what you ask for even if it is wrong

Recruiter: you will get what you ask for even if it is wrong
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Today I got a call about a job offer. I will not mention neither the recruiting company nor the final client. This is not a shame post. And also not a post about the whole recruiting world, that would probably need more than a long post. In this case just a small reflection.

They told me they need a person who would be Project Manager & Scrum Master. Followed by some explanation about what they expect which I don’t want to reproduce now in order not to give more hints.

After explaining that I am currently not interested on moving to a new company, I tried to clarify why this whole idea is not well defined and actually contradictory. The answer that I got was:

Oh, sure! You’re right! But the Scrum part would be the most important one. They just need a person that does some of the Project Management part too.

At this point I just realised they didn’t care at all about my explanation. I know, it was naive to try in the first place but I just wanted to try.

It is tricky. I understand that the recruiter’s responsibility is to get what they are asked for. But I can tell you for sure that I know a couple of recruiters that actually care about the profiles they look for, try to be up to date about the industry needs and so on.

Other just don’t care. It is not the first time I approach someone I know who is recruiting for a specific profile as Scrum Master or Agile Coach trying to help on how to look better for what they need if they really want to get a good profile or how an offer is written. Usually, they just don’t seem to care.

The good part for them is that anyway they will get what they are looking for. The bad part for the industry is that they will get what they are looking for.