The paradox of being a Scrum Master

The paradox of being a Scrum Master
Photo by 愚木混株 cdd20 / Unsplash

Your job, or a part of it, is to bring about change. Not so much to execute it but to promote it, to help guide it and to take notice of what needs to be changed.

The strange thing is that for everything to improve, work and be more agile, not only the teams need to change and improve.

And here comes the part of the paradox, is not it? Because in reality, you’re going to have to change the organization that pays you. You will have to point out things that they need to change themselves, to the people who are entrusting the task to you.

So you will have to help improve also who asks you to change things.

I always say that, in my view, a good Scrum Master can be risking his job precisely for doing his job.

You will have to say something that many will not like and thumbing their nose is not usually well-received. Even if you do it with good forms and a lot of intelligence … a lot of people may not like it.

Do you still want to step on empty and work because things are different? In spite of all that you want to play it and help people grow? Do you not care about the risk of doing what is necessary to make things work?