Working teams. About the importance of inner confidence

Working teams. About the importance of inner confidence
Photo by sydney Rae / Unsplash

Achieving based on interactions, dynamics and attitudes that a group of people open and clearly explain their fears, what worries them in their interaction within the group and how others can help them work better and grow personally and professionally is a stage that shines when one realizes that is happening.

Why is it so important? Because when something like this happens on a team, it is a sign that many barriers have been broken. A space of trust and openness has been created that favors communication and interaction in the day to day of any interaction in a very different way. When people lose their fear of being vulnerable, they are more prepared to start being together.

When a team achieves internal confidence improves coordination, productivity, many conflicts are avoided, misunderstandings and above all … it becomes a team.

Things and circumstances that, although are difficult to measure directly, have a very important impact on the product development. Those things are a very important part of the path towards being a highly productive and empowered team.

And as Scrum Masters, this a very important part of what we do. We help teams grow themselves. We don’t build teams, we don’ t create the trust, we don’t just fix things. We work with groups in order to help them become teams.